MICROPHONE CHECK ... (tap tap)

So, look, we're actually a solar company,

And think solar can work out well when done right.

Especially in this crazy economy.

However, the devil is in them details,

And a bad install can really suck.

If you want to explore it, give us a shout.

We're not gonna oversell it.

And we won't hump your leg like them other solar guys!

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So half the people in America love solar and half the people hate it. And what many don't realize, in this football-politics world our ours, is that both can exist as truths.

Solar can either present you with an exceptionally valuable rent-controlled energy bill, saving you countless thousands over the life of the warrantied system ...

Or it can be a multi-decade nightmare brought on by some smooth-talking, fly-by-night solar outfit that's out of business within a year and nowhere to be found ... yes, the devil is in them details.

Throw in an overly aggressive solar sales guy on your doorstep several times a month, and we figured it was time to flip the script.

Time to shine some light on some of the industry's wicked ways (under the banner of The Great Solar Roast).

And time to deliver a more relaxed, less hectic way for people to explore solar's benefits ... when solar is done right.


Nah! People got to chill and learn to get along. Humor helps with that.

The Left isn't always pompous and moralizing like that self-righteous guy at the party no one wants to talk to.

And The Right aren't necessarily heartless monsters who hate the environment, as they got kids too ... and hell a lot of them like to camp and hike as well.

If we can all just take the temperature down a notch by calling out the industry and some of the rhetoric with a Big Ass Roast, solar won't have to be so politicized and we can just get on with it.

Because at the end of the day, the vast majority aren't opposed to cleaner air and we all want to keep more cashflow in the family!


We know the numbers. And about 15 million homes are very likely to go solar by 2030, whether we reach them or not. Especially with rising costs and with what's really driving energy rates upwards.

So we just wanted to educate people, in a fun way, on what to avoid and on how solar can mess them up. As we've seen a lot of shoddy work out there.

And we figured, if we make a few friends along the way, a few of them might even give us a shot at helping them explore solar.

That ... and, as we saw it, America is long-overdue for this sort of good-natured, above-the-belt, rivalry. So let's have at it!

All part of ...

the great solar roast ™

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